We Help Oil and Gas Companies Secure Their Digital Activities from Cyberattacks
Ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency with top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions

Companies in the oil and gas industry are employing increasingly complex and connected automation and control systems. While this enables them to significantly improve productivity, it also widens their exposure, making them an attractive target of cyberattackers. Make sure that your operations and your data are shielded from digital threats..

Higher dependency on IT technology, higher vulnerability to cyberattacks


of cyberattacks against oil and gas companies are motivated by espionage


of companies in the oil and gas industry experienced an attack in the last year


of oil and gas companies do not continually monitor all infrastructure prioritizing threats and attacks

Digitalization of the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies used to operate their networks in silos, disconnected from the internet. That’s no longer the case. The benefits of connected networks have pushed most companies to digitalize their operations, leaving many vulnerable to both external and internal cyberthreats.
Malicious actors, including nation-states, will explore the tiniest weakness in your network to gain access, and either compromise data or disrupt operations. As you take advantage of the digital transformation of the industry, make sure that your cybersecurity practices keep up.
Mitigate risk with Gamma Defense
Whether it’s protecting your network from human errors – the #1 cause of breaches in the industry – or regularly monitoring and assessing it for vulnerabilities and exposure to external threats, our Gamma Defense solutions will put multiple layers of protection around and inside your network.
We will help you minimize the risk of breaches, which can not only compromise the integrity of your data and continuity of your processes, but physically endanger your employees and facilities.

Our Solutions

Data Security

Protect your data and comply with privacy regulations without sacrificing efficiency and agility.

Managed Private Cloud

Your infrastructure powered by our scalable, automated, and secure cloud computing technology

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

of stolen data was posted to various dark web sites by cybercriminals in 2020.

Threat Detection & Response

Identify and neutralize potential cyber threats for maximum network and data infrastructure protection

Secure Access Service Edge

Switch to a cloud-native network architecture that matches the security and activity needs of your ecosystem

Cybersecurity Dashboard

Take control of your cybersecurity with a powerful command center and make compliance a breeze

Wireless Intrusion Protection

Monitor your wireless parameter for the presence of unauthorized access points and deploy prevention measures

Why Gamma Defense

We will show you how to stay a step ahead of cyberattackers

24/7 support

A dedicated cybersecurity strategist assigned to advise and guide you every step of the way

Solutions built by cybersecurity veterans using cutting-edge technologies

A proactive approach to threat management combined with powerful response solutions