Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Keep your PHI secure, protecting both your patients and your organization
HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – is the primary regulatory framework for data protection of sensitive patient information. As such, it is the responsibility of every healthcare organization, its subcontractors, and every other institution that handles this type of data to comply with its physical and technical security requirements.
Healthcare organizations often struggle to manage their patients’ protected health information with the highest level of security, while ensuring operational efficiency. Gamma Defense delivers solutions that help you do exactly that.

Overview of HIPAA

The HIPAA Privacy Rule outlines the national standards for storing and protecting PHI (Protected Health Information). The Security Rule outlines the framework for the protection of health data that is stored or transferred electronically.
The two rules – the HIPPA Privacy Rule and the Security Rule – are the main pillars of HIPAA. They outline by how, when, and by whom data can be accessed, as well as what technical and nontechnical safeguards must be put in place by covered entities.
Importance of HIPAA compliance
The HIPAA framework is designed to ensure that patients’ sensitive information remains protected. Covered entities must prioritize the secure management of their patients’ data, as it is nothing less than the safety and well-being of patients that is at risk.
Organizations that fail to maintain HIPAA compliance might face steep monetary penalties. Depending on the degree of negligence, fines range from $137 per violation in the event of a single unintentional HIPAA violation to $2,067,813 million if a violation is due to willful neglect.
Compliance with HIPAA is not limited to how you store data. The policies and measures you put in place must comply with every rule, including:
Gamma Defense can help you ensure HIPAA compliance
Gamma Defense delivers peace of mind. With a comprehensive array of proven solutions to secure your organization’s networks, data and security infrastructure, Gamma Defense can help you to easily achieve and maintain full HIPAA compliance.

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